Difference Between Millionaire Dating and Sugar Daddy Dating

While some people are under the impression that there is a very fine line that exists between millionaire dating and sugar daddy dating, there is certainly more than what meets the eye. As a matter of fact, dating a millionaire is very different from dating a sugar daddy. Although both the segments of dating revolve around rich men, there is a considerable difference in the approach to dating.


Millionaire Dating: The idea of a millionaire dating site is to facilitate interactions between millionaires and their admirers. The intention of users joining these sites is to find a life companion or rather a partner for marriage. The intention of men and women that get into a relationship is not to seek any personal benefits but to have a life of comfort and contentment. This isn’t very different from a conventional relationship between a man and woman except for the fact that the man is usually rich.

Sugar Daddy Dating: Both men and women that get into a sugar relationship have an agenda in mind and they don’t intend to get into a long-term relationship. Marriage is certainly not something a sugar daddy or sugar baby has in mind. The primary motive of both the parties that get into a relationship is to seek personal benefits. In order words, the wealthy man offers money and additional perks in exchange for companionship. Besides, companionship would also include sex, which happens to be a critical part of this relationship, although this isn’t mandatory.

On the other hand, the target audience of these segments is entirely different too. While millionaire dating attracts millionaire single men and beautiful women that aren’t very rich, sugar dating involves female students are looking for a source of income to make ends meet. When they can just make money for offering company to a rich man, they don’t have to take up petty jobs.

In addition, the experience of getting into a relationship with a sugar daddy or a sugar baby is entirely different. You’d not only explore a different life altogether but also get to learn a lot about different perspectives. In fact, there are different websites that cater to each segment of the audience.

For instance, sugar daddy dating sites give gorgeous women the opportunity to mention the allowance on the website in order to maintain transparency. Depending on this information, a person would be able to determine whether or not they should approach the woman. Alternatively, rich men would also be able to state their expectations from the relationship so that only interested women contact them, thereby increasing the chances of finding an ideal match.

Anyway, in either case, men can verify their credentials including income, which would instill confidence among other user looking to connect with them.