How to Date a Millionaire (8 Steps)

Meeting a single millionaire may not happen every day but if that’s your ultimate goal, you don’t have to go it alone. There are a variety of resources available that can help people find wealthy dates. The key, though, is to decide whether you want to work with a middleman such as a dating company or an Internet service or devise your own creative strategy and hope for the best.

Search online to find out what dating services cater to wealthy clients in your area. You will likely find the best options in metropolitan cities such as New York and Los Angeles.

Understand that wealthy clients typically pay to belong to formal matchmaking services, but women (or men who want to meet wealthy women) can often join for free. There is a catch, though. The people looking for a wealthy match are sometimes required to meet certain criteria, including physical attributes and a sincere desire to be in a relationship. They may also be required to be in a certain age group because clients often prefer younger dates.

Take advantage of singles events that are geared to a wealthy clientele. This is a great way to meet many potential partners all in one place. In some cities you can find speed dating activities, dances or dinner parties that may help you meet the type of people you seek.

Check out continuing education classes that give women tips on meeting wealthy men. For instance, the Learning Annex in New York City used to host a class designed to help women meet millionaires. Other such classes may be available in other locations.

5  Browse your local bookstore or search online for books that provide advice for people who want to find wealthy mates. A variety of resources focus on this topic.

Visit websites that claim to match up average people with wealthy dates. There are a dozen or more that offer various services. Check out what they charge and what you get in return and try to find out what other users think of the results before committing. Some of the traditional dating services are free for women, but some of the matchmaking websites can charge a fee to belong.

Frequent places where wealthy people are likely to be so you can meet them naturally, such as at art galleries, yacht clubs, polo matches, museums and other cultural events and activities.

8  Try to look polished and well-dressed yourself so you can give off an appearance that will attract the type of person you seek.

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